The Major Worldwide Supplier of

Titanium Products

Please send all inquiries by email to or contact by telephone the location closest to you.

Head Office & Main Warehouse

29752 Ave De Las Banderas,
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA92688, USA

Dr. Igor Krjenitski

Tel +1-949-459-2621
Fax +1-949-459-6241


  • Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA
  • Paramount, CA, USA
  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Juan Chavez, 
Director of Logistics

Tel +1-949-713-9140
titanium @

Ohio Office (North-East US)

Glenmont, OH, USA

Shawn Young, Director of Wire & Bars Sales

Tel +1-330-473-7765

Fax +1-330-222-3687

China Office

Harbin, China

Jensen Zhang

Tel +86-138-0458-8652

South Korea Office

Seoul, S.Korea

TS Yang

Tel +82-10-3722-0505

Russia Office

Ekaterinburg, Russia

Nick Tsypaev

Tel +7-963-046-3003

Europe Warehouse

CWT Commodities BV

Peter Breure

Tel +31-1042-97929

North-West USA

Vernon Jansen

Tel +1-541-990-6809

Russia and Eastern Europe

Megametall (Russia)

Dmitri Perelmuter

Tel +7-495-768-0922