The Major Worldwide Supplier of

Titanium Products

GRANDIS TITANIUM COMPANY is a Major Worldwide Supplier of titanium products, such as Titanium Sponge, Titanium Ingots, Titanium Bars & Billets, Titanium Sheets, Titanium Plates, Titanium Wire & Tubes. Our Fe-Ti & Scrap Division supplies 70% Ferro-Titanium and prepares and supplies Titanium Scrap. We opened our doors in 1994, and now have our HQ and main warehouse in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, and sales and representative offices in Glenmont (Ohio), Albany (Oregon), Harbin (China), Ekaterinburg (Russia), and Seoul (South Korea), along with warehouses facilities and stock in Paramount (CA) and Rotterdam (Netherlands).

GRANDIS TITANIUM maintains inventory of more than one thousand tons of Titanium Products to assure immediate shipment of titanium to our customers.

Industries Served

Aerospace / Chemical / Power Generation / Geothermal / Oil & Gas / Mining / Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metallurgy / Powder Metallurgy / Hydro-Metallurgy / Pulp & Paper / Desalinization / Thermal Processing / Galvanic Anodizing / Marine / Medical / Orthopedic / Automotive & Motorsport / Architectural / Sport: Golf, Bicycling, Camping and Others / Consumer Goods / Jewelry

Certifications / Compliance

Grandis Titanium has implemented and maintains Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Certificate Registration Number 10-R8079.

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Sales Terms & Conditions

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